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The 3 best restaurants you must visit in Cancun

One of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico is Cancun, which offers us a wide gastronomy made up of totally fresh ingredients and a mixture of flavors that will delight your palate.

If ...

22/ ENE/ 2021


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3 healthy fish and seafood recipes that you cannot miss.

If this year 2021 one of your purposes is to take care of your health and improve your diet through a well-balanced diet which includes a variety of dishes with fish and seafood.

Fish and sh...

15/ ENE/ 2021


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The best caper salmon is at El Oasis Mariscos

Today when we talk about salmon, we are referring to a food that has a reputation for being one of the healthiest of our times, as it ...

08/ ENE/ 2021

Happy New Year El Oasis Mariscos

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Happy New Year

We are a few hours away from concluding a year that was not easy for everyone, especially in health and the economy. We know that it was a year that took us by surprise and that no one was p...

31/ DIC/ 2020

romeritos el oasis

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On these December dates, it is already a tradition for many Mexican families to prepare the Romeritos Plate for Christmas dinner, which is why this time we bring you this delicious recipe so that you can make it at home an...

24/ DIC/ 2020

dinners for christmas

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One of the moments that we all look forward to in these holidays is about to come, and it is Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners.

These dinners where we take the opportunity to meet with our family and friends to s...

17/ DIC/ 2020


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El Oasis Mariscos: Promotion day of the Lupitas You can't miss it!

These dates are to share love, gratitude and happiness. All Mexicans unite to give the best of ourselves and spend special moments with those we love the most. Every December the families of Mexico, look for the perfect pl...

10/ DIC/ 2020


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Christmas Posadas at El Oasis Mariscos

December, one of the most beautiful times of the year to be with the family and share warm moments that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Christmas posadas are part of Mexican traditions and are one of the mos...

03/ DIC/ 2020


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Shrimp a la diabla from El Oasis Mariscos: You can't miss them!

Shrimp are undoubtedly the favorite dish of many, but when we add the spicy flavor that characterizes us to those delicacies of the sea, it becomes an irresistible meal for Mexicans, tourists and everyone who likes Caribbe...

26/ NOV/ 2020


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Things to do in Cancun and Playa del Carmen: You can't miss these experiences

Two of the most beautiful destinations in all of Mexico. Its cultural richness, its beautiful turquoise beaches and the delicious cuisine of the Caribbean are just some of the many qualities for which, every day they welco...

19/ NOV/ 2020


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Seafood and Fish: An excellent option to prevent and fight diabetes

Unfortunately in Mexico, diabetes is a problem that kills more than 130,000 thousand people a year, and the reality is that this number is constantly growing due to the lifestyle of Mexicans. Obesity and hypertension are o...

12/ NOV/ 2020


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3 easy seafood and fish recipes that you can prepare at home.

Are you a lover of seafood and fish? This article is ideal for you.

Seafood is a true delight for the palate, however, sometimes we classify ourselves in preparing the typical and we do not experiment with new dishe...

06/ NOV/ 2020


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Day of the Dead: Live a beautiful Mexican tradition at El Oasis Mariscos

Mexico is characterized by its beautiful traditions, moments that we share with other Mexicans to commemorate special days that have marked our history.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important for everyone is the Day...

29/ OCT/ 2020


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Gastronomy of the Caribbean, a delight of Mexican food

The gastronomic diversity in Mexico is impressive, each region has a wide range of dishes full of flavor, colors and history. There is no doubt that some of the ones we love the most are the dishes of the Mexican Caribbean...

22/ OCT/ 2020


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El Oasis Mariscos from the hand of women against breast cancer

El Oasis Mariscos ® also joins the fight against breast cancer, providing valuable information to prevent and be aware of this disease.

It is extremely important to be informed about breast canc...

19/ OCT/ 2020

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